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Code Enforcement FAQ

Green waste can

How long can I leave my garbage cans on the street?

Garbage cans or containers must be removed from the street 12 hours after pickup and may not be placed out for pickup more than 12 hours in advance. (City code 4-5-3C-19)

Junk in yard

Can I store junk/materials on my property?

No. Accumulation of used or damaged lumber; junk; scrap metal; machinery or machinery parts; salvage materials; abandoned, discarded or unused furniture; stoves, sinks, toilets, boxes, barrels, bottles, cans, containers, ice boxes, refrigerators, cabinets, or other fixtures or equipment stored that is visible from a public street, alley, or adjoining property, must be cleaned up. (City code 4-5-3C-14)

Gravel pile on road

Can I put gravel or dirt in the roadway? 

No. The keeping, storing, or depositing of dirt, sand, gravel, concrete, or other similar materials, or maintenance of such material on public rights of way is prohibited. (City code 4-5-3C-18)

Tall grass and weeds

How tall can my weeds be? 

Weeds cannot be more than six inches tall. (City code 4-5-3C-36)

Disabled vehicle

Can I have inoperable vehicles on my property?

No. Vehicles must not be stored on property. (City code 4-5-3C-22.a)

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