We Are Herriman: Star and Taylor Vargas

We Are Herriman - Vargas

February 2021

Vincent Vargas, upon returning home from work one night in January, was asked by his wife to  pick up their daughters from the business area near the Herriman Walmart Neighborhood Market. Confused why his girls were there, Vincent soon learned Star and Taylor had decided the area, which they pass frequently on their way home, needed some attention as a lot of trash had gathered in the neighboring field. With the girls haveing spent much of their afternoon into the evening picking up trash, Vincent rushed over to assist them in the last bit of their cleanup efforts. Upon his arrival, with full trash bags in hand and the day quickly turning to night, Star and Taylor asked their father if they could come back again sometime soon to finish the work they had started.

“I find that to be so cool. They impress me!” said Vincent, as he documented the story of service on his social media account. Later, when asked about what their mother referred to as their “spontaneous” volunteer work, these young girls didn’t have much to add beyond their father’s visual storytelling of their good deed—except that they will definitely be going back soon to finish up the work they’ve started.

Thank you Star and Taylor for your willingness to recognize a problem, jump in, and lend a hand to keeping our Herriman community clean! 

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