RainHarvest Barrel Program

RainHarvest Barrel Program

Herriman City is partnering with the Utah Rivers Council to bring our residents a limited number of discounted rain barrels as part of the RainHarvest program.

RainHarvest is a program that distributes rain barrels to Utah residents for the purpose of collecting rainwater that falls on rooftops for later use on lawns and gardens. This program offers residents the opportunity to affordably conserve water through rainwater collection. By purchasing the barrels, Utahns can help reduce municipal water demand and improve the water quality of local streams, rivers, and lakes by decreasing polluted urban runoff.

Why collect rainwater? Rainwater harvesting is permitted in Utah, and with ongoing drought conditions (despite this wet winter), now is a good time to start collecting your own water. Not only does rain harvesting reduce demand on municipal water systems, it reduces the amount of pollution that enters the Great Salt Lake and local rivers from urban runoff during storm events.

How do I collect rainwater? During storm events, the rain that falls on rooftops flows through rain gutters and downspouts and can be collected by rain barrels. The 50-gallon Ivy rain barrels are made in the U.S. of 100% recycled plastic and are one of the most popular options for collecting rainwater across the country. They come with a locking lid, a mosquito screen, a 3/4” valve that can be connected to a garden hose and linking capability to connect multiple barrels together.

How can I purchase a rain barrel? Herriman residents are invited to order these $55 rain barrels (limit of 1 subsidized barrel per household) at www.rainbarrelprogram.org/urc, while supplies last. There are a limited number of $55 barrels, so place your order today! Once the subsidized barrels run out, $83 rain barrels are available for purchase by anyone. The sale window will remain open until late April. The barrels will not be shipped to residents but will be distributed at a one-day, in-person, event in mid-May.

*** Purchasing a barrel is a two-step process.

Step 1: Enter your home address into the webpage linked above, which is used to verify you are eligible for a subsidized barrel from Herriman City. Then you will be redirected to a page where you will receive a discount code. It is important to note that receiving a discount code is *not* confirmation of a purchase.

Step 2: Enter this discount code into the purchasing website and finalize your barrel purchase. 

Place your order today at www.rainbarrelprogram.org/urc

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