Herriman City Notification System Powered By Everbridge


Herriman City Transitions to Everbridge Notification System

Herriman City strives to keep our residents informed. From City Council meeting agendas to community event information, and from e-newsletters to wildfire alerts, we aim to keep you in the loop. In addition to the Herriman Connection newsletter, the herriman.org website, and social media, one of our most used platforms is our mass email and text notification system. The City has used various text/email services over the years to best fit our City’s needs. The City has now partnered with Everbridge to take that communication to the next level, but we’ll need your help while we transition. We’ll explain why.

Your information remains private and secure

First things first—if you choose to subscribe to notifications, your personal contact information has always been and will always be confidential. We never use information you provide for anything other than notifications you subscribe to. It is not provided or sold to any vendor or other organization.

The old system

If you are a currently subscribed to notifications, on previous systems, you have entered your phone number or email address and selected basic categories of information to receive. That’s about it—there were lists of numbers and emails that didn’t really relate to each other. However, Herriman City’s new Everbridge system focuses on you, your needs, and convenience.

The new system—simple and convenient

For both existing and new subscribers, you can create a simple account by visiting herriman.org/notifications. You may then enter any number of contact methods (text, email, Everbridge app push notification, automated phone call, etc.), and your address for home, work, or any other place important to you in Herriman. The location information is only used to make sure your alerts are relevant to you—not the other side of town. You can then subscribe to different types of City news. All subscribers are registered by default for emergency notifications. In case you move or something changes, you can go back and edit or delete any information you provide and what you subscribe to.

The transition – complete by August 31

After August 31st, all the previous subscription information will be deleted and Herriman City will transition completely to the Everbridge system, so make sure you switch by the end of the month to make sure you don’t miss anything! To help that transition, you will receive a message about the change from the existing system on August 23rd and 31st. You can then expect to receive all future notifications from the new system after that.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We had hoped to avoid asking residents to re-subscribe on a new platform, but doing so will help enhance our communication significantly. If you have any questions, please email communications@herriman.org.

How do I sign up?

Just visit herriman.org/notifications and fill in your information and select which topics you want to subscribe to. That's it! It takes about a minute. You'll receive new messages from Herriman City based on the contact methods you entered. You can revisit that same site anytime to edit your information.


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