City Council Recap


April 27, 2022 | General Meeting


  • 4-0 approving the Consent Agenda, which includes the following:
    • 2022 firework restriction area
    • March 23, 2022 City Council meeting minutes
    • Single event permits for the Herriman rodeo (June) and MotoX (July)
    • Contract approvals for (1) Main Street park strip and open space project and (2) roadway striping project
    • Reimbursement agreement with Herriman 73 Partners for Midas Crossing system infrastructure
    • Adoption of Juneteenth as a City-observed holiday starting in 2023
  • 4-0 approving an amendment to City code to allow flag lots in Agricultural zones on at least two-acre lots on minor collector streets. Requires a minimum half-acre subdivided lot.
  • 4-0 approving a renaming of residential and agricultural zones
  • 4-0 approving the creation of a Diversity Inclusion Advisory Board
  • 4-0 approving a Memorandum of Understanding with Edge Homes to extend the mutual development of the Mountain Ridge park by 12 months


General Meeting

Diversity Inclusion Advisory Board

In February, Mayor Palmer discussed his desire to add a Diversity Inclusion Advisory Board to create additional opportunities for engagement among our community. The purpose of this committee will be to increase the City's capacity to interact more thoroughly with the entire community, recognizing the diversity present and making a concerted effort to actively engage with all residents of various demographics.

Flag lots

The Council approved an amendment to City code to allow flag lots in Agricultural zones on lots of at least two acres. These would only be allowed on roadways designated as minor collector streets, which are at least 66 feet wide (such as 7300 West). This would also only allow at least a half-acre subdivided lot.

Zone renaming

The City Council directed to City staff members to research and propose new names to the agricultural and residential zones of the City to help them be more understandable, consistent, and clear. The new naming system will be:

  • First letter indicates zone use (R for residential or A for agricultural)
  • Second number indicates number of units allowed on the lot (1 = single family, 2 = multi-family, 20 = multi-family)
  • Third number shows the minimum lot size in thousand square feet
  • Example: “A-1-10” (Agricultural - single family - 10,000 sq. ft. minimum)

City Council board and committee reports

  • Councilmember Ohrn, representing the Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District board, reported that the first quarter numbers were favorable for the district.
  • Councilmember Shields, representing the Herriman Arts Council, noted recent efforts to re-evaluate the Council's budget to identify more efficiencies, shortfalls, and needed reallocations.
  • Councilmember Hodges, representing the South Valley Sewer District board, reported that impact fees for the SVS are going to increase (not resident-paid service fees). The district also discussed recent regulation changes that will affect driver training.


Work Meeting

Draft General Plan update

The City Council discussed and gave feedback for the draft general plan, which had been put on pause for a few months. The process is in its final stages, after the City finalized initial public input last spring. The Council discussed several properties and tweaks they would like to see to the Land Use plan. The plan will be discussed again in future meetings.

Home occupation business regulation update

The Planning Commission asked for an amendment to the City's home occupation business standards. The draft amendment would allow an additional employee(s)—who must be parked on-site and off-street, allow two customers at a time, increase the number of children/students to 12 at a time, increase daycare hours from 6am - 7pm, and allow storage in accessory structures. The Council discussed allowing two additional employees for daycares and one additional employee for all other home occupation businesses. Off-street parking would be required for each home occupation business employee.

Budget discussion

The City budget for fiscal years 2023-2024 (July 2022-June 2023) was proposed to the Council at the April 13th meeting. The tentative budget will be made available to the public on May 11th and the final version will be approved in early June. In this meeting, a few adjustments were made to City/developer reimbursement timelines.

Master development agreement working groups update

Herriman Reserve (Laguna/Malibu development) - the working groups discussed one-time costs for the project and would like to have a special meeting with the full Council to discuss plans going forward. The special meeting is anticipated to happen sometime in June.

Meeting agenda and video

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