Legislative Session Priorities

Utah State Capitol

Herriman City is often noted as one of the most rapidly changing cities in the state. This trend continues now in 2022. This year, in addition to welcoming a new City Council, it is also annexing over 900 acres on the northwestern border. As the City navigates through these changes and works to strengthen and facilitate a prosperous community, they remain committed to supporting legislation that aligns with their principles. The focus is placed on building a strong economic base, providing adequate infrastructure, and improving safety and quality of life through the parks, trails, and recreation amenities, as well as the public safety department. 

This year's priorities center around the following areas of focus:


  • Transportation
    • U-111 realignment
    • Widening of 11800 S. from 6000 W. to U-111
    • Jurisdictional transfer of Herriman Blvd
    • Herriman Main St. improvements from Dansie Blvd to the proposed Salt Lake County trailhead
    • Juniper Crest east connection at Mountain View Corridor
    • Tools and resources to address local transportation needs
    • 7300 W. new construction from Main St. to the northern city boundary
  • Broadband
    • Funding opportunities for broadband utility needs, which total $40M
  • Water and Secondary Water
    • Old Town water line replacement
    • Funding for alternative water resources (feasibility study/cost analysis)
    • Funding for stormwater to develop SCADA master plan to automate regional flood control facilities to mitigate flood potential

Public Safety:

  • Use of Force
    • Support transparency but oppose citizen review boards being granted the power to determine outcomes or discipline
  • Training
    • Provide financial assistance for any new training mandates
  • Policy
    • Support cities' ability to make choices on policing strategies that are best suited for them
    • Privacy regarding drones, cell phones, and body camera rules and regulations
  • Mental Health
    • Support pushing for measures to promote, fund, and address the many long-term mental health challenges of public safety members

Housing and Building:

  • See capital improvement funding for infrastructure improvements to support additional moderate-income housing
  • Maintain local government control over permitting, inspections, design standards, and development agreements
  • Regulations and compliance measures for critical infrastructure materials

Parks, Trails, and Recreation:

  • Continued support for trail connectivity throughout the valley
  • Salt Lake County trailhead project
  • Continued support for ACUB and REPI funds to maintain a buffer around Camp Williams
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