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All baseball field reservations are FULL! Please call 801-446-5323 for multi-use field reservation availability.

Herriman City has various fields and arenas throughout  the city that can be reserved on a first-come first-served basis based on certain criteria. Each January the City will take field/arena reservations from interested groups wanting to reserve them for the new year and approaching season for various events. The fields/arenas in Herriman City are closed to reservations from October 15th to April 15th. Herriman City reserves the right to adjust these dates based on field/arena conditions, weather, or at the Parks and Recreation Director's discretion.

  • Application deadline: February 16th
  • Final reservation schedule: February 29th

If an organizer/requester misses the deadline, an application may still be submitted and may be considered after allocations are complete from anyone who made the required deadline. 

Steps to Request a Reservation:

  1. Read "Herriman City Field and Arena Reservation Guidelines and Agreement".
  2. Verify or create a Civic Rec account, please follow the accompanying instructions for creating an account: 
    1. Select the drop-down box “Log In/Create Account” 
    2. Select the link “Create Your Herriman City Account” 
    3. Select the type of account you are creating in “Step 1: Account Holder”, either “Individual” or “Organization” 
    4. Proceed to fill out all required details (indicated with a red asterisk) 
    5. Users may also add “Other Account Members” in “Step 2” 
  3. Review Park Ordinances
  4. Verify all outstanding fees are paid through Civic Rec. Those with outstanding fees will not be considered for field/arena reservations until their balance has been settled with the City
  5. Fill out "Field/Arena Request Form" please complete one request per year dating all spring and fall season dates and times.

Only ask for the space you plan to use. There will be no refunds if fields are not used in your allocation. 

Field schedules will be announced/emailed on or prior to the first of March each year. Upon approval of a reservation, all fees must be paid in full no later than the first day of March each year. Email notifications and reminders will be sent to each organization/requester. Failure to pay in full for field reservations will result in cancellation.

Field users will receive Field Use Permits upon payment. These permits are official reservations and may not be transferred, assigned, or sublet. 

For questions or concerns, please email or call 801-446-5323.

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