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Arena reservations

2023 Guidelines & Regulations

Herriman City initiates a Seasonal Arena Rental allocation and request process annually in January for arena user groups interested in reserving arena space for the new year and approaching season. Herriman City Seasonal Arena Rentals are available from April 15 to September 15 of each year. Herriman City reserves the right to adjust these dates based on arena conditions, weather and at the Parks and Recreation Director's discretion.  

Each group may request one arena rental per week, Monday through Thursday, available from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. There are three arenas (Wheeler, NW and NE) in total with two available for rent each available night. This leaves the third arena available for Open Ride. There are a few weeks in the summer the arenas are closed for Moto Cross construction and/or other official City Events. 

The application/request deadline is the final Friday of January each year (January 28, 2022). If an organizer/requestor misses the deadline, an application may still be submitted and may be considered after allocations are complete. For questions, please email events@herriman.org.  

A request via the form does not guarantee a reservation. Herriman City Parks, Events and Recreation staff will allocate arenas based on submissions and the following factors: 

A. Availability and space limitations: Due to number of arenas, limitations of parking and/or spectator capacity, some uses may not be reserved simultaneously. Arena reservation requests are not guaranteed. 

B. Account balance and user good standing: Payments must be up to date, requests have been received within the application deadline, and permit conditions have been consistently met. 

C. Performance history: Herriman City reserves the right to limit, deny or revoke arena allocations based on organizer’s compliance with rules and guidelines, arena conditions after use and/or unruly behavior of participants and guests. 

D. Special events: Any activities beyond the scope of normal arena usage (practice) will require submission of a Special Event Permit at the link here.

E. Security: Security provided by Herriman Police Department may be required.

F. Insurance: A current copy of liability insurance will be required to submit upon any allocation approvals.

G. Arena allocations priority order: Priority will be based on the following league/group/requestor order: 

  1. City sponsored and co-sponsored events and programs 
  2. Historic use: two (2) years of consistent use establishes historical presence 
  3. Requestor's residency status with priority given to Herriman residents 
  4. Official local school teams/clubs 
  5. Timestamp of submission within application form 

For allocation requests that require arena lights, please indicate so in your form application. Any allocations requiring arena lights will be programmed into our lighting system ahead of each reservation or block of reservations. Additional light requests will go through the Parks and Recreation Director. 

A fee payment is required for allocated arena space. Herriman City reserves the right to adjust fees based on historic usage, arena preparation/maintenance and overall performance history. Please see the fee amounts below: 

Fields and Prices

To review all the Herriman Parks Ordinances, please follow the link here.

2023 Field Request Form Instructions and Details

In the form linked below, please complete one request per year.

Only ask for the space you plan to use. There will be no refunds if arenas are not used in your allocation. 

Before filling out the form, we ask that each requestor verify on their Civic Rec account that all fees are paid prior to submitting a request. To access your account (or to create an account), please click here and follow the accompanying instructions for creating an account: 

  1. Select the drop-down box “Log In/Create Account” 

  2. Select the link “Create Your Herriman City Account” 

  3. Select the type of account you are creating in “Step 1: Account Holder”, either “Individual” or “Organization” 

  4. Proceed to fill out all required details (indicated with a red asterisk) 

  5. Users may also add “Other Account Members” in “Step 2” 

Allocation schedules will be announced/emailed on or prior to the third Friday of February each year.  

Upon approval of a full or partial arena allocation, fees must be paid in full no later than the final day of February each year. Email notifications and reminders will be sent to each organizer/requestor. Failure to pay in full for arena allocations will result in cancellation. 

Arena users will receive Arena Use Permits upon payment. These permits are official reservations and may not be transferred, assigned or sublet. Herriman City reserves the right, on a case-by-case basis, to add conditions and/or modifications to the Arena Use Permit.  

For questions or concerns, please email events@herriman.org or call 801-446-8658. 

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