General Meeting


• 5-0 approving the Consent Agenda, which included the December 2019 Monthly Financial Report

Three public comments from residents:

​  -One resident, representing a group, wants to ensure a safe walking route through their neighborhood. The City Engineer will collaborate with the resident to ensure their needs are met.

-Another resident advocated for upcoming Herriman City and Arts Council events.

-A third resident expressed a desire for safety for hikers in the foothills during hunting season. The Council and City staff are currently discussing hunting within city limits, ensuring safety for all while allowing recreation.

• Items 8.1-8.4 were stricken from the agenda at the request of the applicant.

• Council Member Henderson noted the Southwest Visioning Study is about halfway complete.

Work Meeting

• Hunting on City property— The Director of Public Works revisited a discussion about hunting inside Herriman City limits as hunting is increasingly popular in the area. There is currently no City ordinance regulating hunting beyond Utah state code. Staff will submit a proposal to the Council in coming weeks to balance safety and clear public access points to protect private property from trespassing.

• Snow Fighters report—The Streets manager reported on the first half of the snow season.

  –There has been an emphasis from the police department for education of residents to not park on the street during a snow event, per City code.

  –The City would like to remind residents of the priority for snow plows—first main, higher-speed roads, then main collectors, residential roads, and on until cul-de-sacs, the lowest priority.

​  The Council expressed appreciation for crews who plowed during storms on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

​  -Halfway through the season, Herriman snow plows have covered 9,308 lane miles.

• Olympia Hills — the City Council again expressed severe concern over the proposed development and its housing density and the direct impact such a development would have on Herriman residents and infrastructure. Council members will draft a public letter stating their position.There is a public hearing hosted by Salt Lake County at Copper Mountain Middle School on Tuesday, January 28, at 6 p.m.

• Proposed amended Creek Ridge/Mountain Ridge Development Agreement—The City Council will continue negotiation on the area’s future among themselves Riverton City, and the landowners

• Fall Cleanup report—Last fall, the City decided to accept tires, appliances, and hazardous materials with the help of other entities to assist in disposing of those materials in the semiannual cleanup. Rather than five or more host locations for the City’s fall cleanup as in the past, there were only two, which provided better opportunity for proper management of the cleanup effort. Total expenses for the City were $10,345.39, almost $2,500 less than the Fall 2018 cleanup, and almost $11,000 less than the 2019 Spring cleanup.

• Economic Development Director hiring process—The City Council has decided to re-post the position after concluding a set of interviews. The Human Resources manager presented options for recruiting firms. The Council requested to hear presentations from two—Robert Half and Prince Perelson— at future meetings.

Herriman Police Department visited Herriman’s Walmart Neighborhood Market store manager Brock Rose and his team Thursday, January 23rd, to express thanks to them and Walmart Giving for a generous donation. The grant enabled HPD to launch the Herriman City Peer Court, a proven alternative justice program designed to place youth on a positive path of accountability, skill development, and community connections rather than punitive sentencing after committing a minor offense.


Tentative Race Layout:

This cat was found at the Holiday Oil gas station on 13400 S in Herriman Friday night, Jan 17th. If you know who it belongs to, call us at 801-758-0080.

This dog was picked up Friday night, January 17th, on Dylan Loop Road. If you know who it belongs to, call us at 801-758-0080.

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