Our Herriman senior citizen community has been greatly impacted by COVID-19. To show them they are important, loved, and not forgotten during this time, we need your help to “adopt” a senior citizen.

To adopt a senior, visit tinyurl.com/herrimancares. We will then assign you a senior citizen from the community, or you may adopt someone you know personally. You’ll then be responsible to create a gift basket and deliver it to them. Those who desire to sign up must do so before November 2nd. If you have any questions, or would rather sign up over the phone, call the Events Dept. at 801-446-8658.

If you know a senior who would like to receive a gift basket, or you yourself are a senior, you may submit your request to be “adopted” at tinyurl.com/herrimansenior or by calling the Events Dept. at the number above.

General meeting


4-0 approving the Consent Agenda, which includes the minutes for the October 5th City Council Meeting.


3-1 approving an amendment to the M-1 (manufacturing) zone to add “personal instruction services” as a permitted use.

Councilmember Shields elected to abstain from the vote (which is technically a “no” vote). He commented that he didn’t want to vote either yes or no. He expressed concerns about safety in the zone for having an establishment like a dance studio near hazardous areas. See this link for the discussion at this point in the meeting.


4-0 approving budget amendment factoring in federal CARES Act funds that have been disbursed to Herriman City and have so far been partially expended. The City is exploring further options to best benefit our community with the federal funds that have been given for COVID-19 remediation and economic relief.

One such benefit will be a third round of the City Shop Around program. Further details will be announced in coming days.


4-0 appointing Interim City Manager

Following the termination of the City Manager two weeks ago, the City Council appointed Assistant City Manager Wendy Thomas to serve as an interim. The Council discussed how to approach the process of selecting both a longer-term interim city manager and eventually a permanent city manager. After a closed-door session, the Council appointed Wendy Thomas to stay in the position of Interim City Manager.



Board and Committee Reports

  • Councilmember Ohrn, reporting from the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District board, noted it’s been a dry year and water usage is continually increasing, especially in Herriman. She complimented City staff, especially Public Works Director Justun Edwards on cooperation with Water District regarding water conservation and reworking contracts. She noted our Public Works Department has helped create water conservation policy through information sharing.


  • Additionally, Councilmember Ohrn noted that a previously discussed athletic field concept on JVWCD land in east Herriman will not be feasible nor financially viable, so it will not move forward.


  • Councilmember Smith reported from the Utah League of Cities and Towns board that they are in charge of allocating CARES Act funds to cities and towns outside of Salt Lake and Utah Counties. It was decided that 85% the funds would be disbursed equally across those municipalities, and communities especially impacted by the pandemic—like tourism-heavy areas—could apply for further aid from the remaining 15% of the funds.


  • Councilmember Shields noted a recent meeting of the Point of the Mountain State Land Authority, which is directed to make decisions about land at the Point of the Mountain. A website at thepointutah.org includes a survey that is open until October 16th for citizens to express their comments about the area.


  • Councilmember Shields also summarized a recent Arts Council meeting, and announced the Herriman Orchestra’s annual performance at the Night of Lights winter event has been canceled this year. The Night of Lights is currently being adapted for COVID-19 guidelines and regulations, but the orchestra’s performance is canceled. Additionally, the Miss Herriman Scholarship pageant is scheduled for Saturday, October 24th, but in light of recent COVID-19 regulation adjustments by the Utah Department of Health, plans may be changed. Stay tuned to City platforms for more information.


Other general meeting notes:

  • Councilmember Shields expressed his thanks for City staff for their hard work, especially in light of the recent vacancy in the City Manager position. The sentiment was echoed by the rest of the Council.


 Work Meeting


Small Cell Wireless Facilities fee discussion

  • The City Council recently adopted a master license agreement which governs the application, installation, and management of small cell wireless facilities within City limits.
  • The Council discussed adding associated fees to the City’s Master Fee Schedule. The fees will be up for a formal adoption at a later meeting.


Academy Village Signs

  • An upcoming development known as Academy Village, located off Mountain View Corridor near the RSL soccer complex, will have signage for its commercial properties. The Council discussed signage proposed by the developer. The Council was generally supportive of the proposal but wants to include a minimum distance between large signage to avoid visual clutter along Mountain View Corridor.


Stormwater Public Outreach

  • As part of State requirements, Salt Lake County and Herriman City are required to submit reports to the State annually about pollutant elimination in stormwater infrastructure. This discussion was about the intent of the City to enter a formal agreement to work with Salt Lake County on the compilation of those reports and provide required public education outreach. The City Council directed staff to re-examine the City’s participation in the County stormwater coalition and ensure the cost-benefit balance is in the City’s favor.


Water infrastructure bond options

  • As discussed in the September 23rd meeting (meeting recap link), the City is considering water bonds to pay for needed improvements and is in a very favorable position for a bond. The City Council directed staff to look into the details of a potential bond, which would be repaid only by standard water service fees, and not an additional tax.


Wasatch South Hills development agreement amendment discussion:

  • The owner of the existing Wasatch South Hills development agreement has proposed an amendment to the agreement as more property has been acquired. The developer would like the new property to be included with the existing agreement.




Meeting video link

General Meeting


4-0 approving all the following:

  • Close public hearings for:

            –Parks, Recreation, Trails impact fee facilities plan

            -Parks, Recreation, Trails impact fee analysis

            -Fire/EMS impact fee facilities plan and impact fee analysis

            -Fire/EMS impact fee enactment

  • Consent Agenda, which includes:

-Meeting minutes for August 19th and 26th City Council meetings

-Monthly financial summary

-Agreement for Herriman Police to provide school resource officers to Providence Hall


City Council Comments and Board Reports


UTA Advisory Board

Utah Transit Authority has rebounded from the pandemic well and is again providing nearly every route that was available for riders before the pandemic. The UTA On Demand microtransit project has been successful in the southwest portion of Salt Lake County, showing steady usership.


South Valley Sewer Board

The current SVS facility is running at full capacity. The pandemic has delayed construction for a thermal drier at a new facility, but the project is expected to get under way in October with completion in late winter.


Mosquito Abatement Board

Multiple West Nile Virus-carrying mosquito pools have been detected in Salt Lake County. No human cases of WNV in Salt Lake County. 1 case of Zika virus in United States this year, and that case is related to travel outside the U.S.



Work Meeting

Shop Around program:

As of Wednesday evening, 10 businesses have turned in Herriman Bucks coupons submitted by residents during the recent Shop Around program (businesses have until Sept 30th to submit the coupons to the City for reimbursement).


10,242 cards back ($102,420 worth) of Herriman Bucks. The businesses will be reimbursed by the City for the coupons. The program is meant to provide an economic hand to the community as it has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The reimbursement funds will ultimately be covered by the federal CARES Act.


Christmas Box Angel Monument

Discussion about a potential monument at the city cemetery. A resident approached the City with the idea of installing an angel monument, meant to be a place where parents who have lost a child can come to grieve and mourn their loss. The monument is loosely based on a statue mentioned in the Richard Paul Evan novel, The Christmas Box. Funds for the statue would be raised by the community, while the City would pay for the landscape and statue base.


Water infrastructure bond options

The Water Department has been working to improve water infrastructure, but there are areas of the City that have needs greater than the funds can be generated in the short-term.

The Finance Director advises that the potential bond would happen at a very favorable time and situation for the City to get ahead of needed water improvements.


Other notes

Herriman Police announced the promotions of Cody Stromberg to Deputy Chief, Zach Adams to Division Commander, and Jose Lopez to Sergeant.


The fall cleanup is still going on in the city. You can drop off items at Butterfield Park or reserve a dumpster in your neighborhood through Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling.


Meeting video link

General Meeting



5-0 approval of each of the following:

-Continue public hearing for the Parks, Recreation, and Trails Impact Fee enactment

-Consent agenda, which includes the minutes from the August 12, 2020 City Council meeting

-Adoption of a master license agreement for Small Cell Wireless Facilities (see below)

-Interlocal agreement relating to grant partnership programs (see below)


Unified Fire Authority Wildfire Assistance

Chief Anthony Widdison, who serves as the Unified Fire Authority liaison for Herriman City, updated the council on UFA’s assistance in fighting the California wildfires. Two teams from Salt Lake and Utah Counties safely and effectively completed a 14-day mission in northern California. While giving the report, Chief Widdison remarked he was en route with two new teams to northern California. Councilmember Smith noted that only in the last 3-4 years has national help been requested for wildfires, a practice that is now increasingly commonplace as fire seasons become more severe. We appreciate all our first responders do to keep our community and nation safe in dangerous circumstances.


Small Cell Wireless Facilities Master Agreement

A 2018 Utah State Act permits a wireless provide to install small wireless facilities within public rights-of-way under certain conditions. The act also allows municipalities to establish a permitting process by which providers may seek to install small wireless facilities within city boundaries. This agreement will serve as a master copy to base future agreements between the City and service providers, and includes the ability for the City to require facilities adhere to preapproved design guidelines.


Interlocal agreement relating to grant partnership programs

Minor changes in language of housing grant programs that the City participates in via Salt Lake County. Programs include the Community Development Block Grant Program, Emergency Solutions Grant Program, and the Home Investment Partnership Program.


CAFR and PAFR Excellence Awards

The City’s two major financial reports won excellence awards for the sixth consecutive year from the Government Finance Officers Association. The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is extensive and is intended to be just that—comprehensive—in reporting the City’s finances. The Popular Annual Financial Report is intended to be shorter and easily digestible for those who are new or less familiar with government finances. The Finance Department has worked hard to enhance these reports to bring maximum transparency for the City. The Communications Department illustrates the major information into easily understandable graphics so residents can be tuned in with their tax dollars.


Other notes

Councilmember Ohrn noted that the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, who provides water to Herriman City, sold a record amount of water in August—due mostly to heat and in part to growth.


Work Meeting


Herriman Police Deputy Chief

HPD Deputy Chief Chad Reyes has retired from the agency. Chief Reyes’ impact on the department is immeasurable and HPD will miss his leadership, experience, and expertise. Lieutenant Cody Stromberg has been promoted to Deputy Chief within HPD. Corresponding promotions will be announced in coming weeks.


Windstorm damage cleanup

The City is providing a dropoff location for tree and green waste debris caused by the recent severe windstorms that occurred in northern Utah. This program will be effective starting September 10-11, and 14-18 between 8am-6pm at the west end of W&M Butterfield Park. Note that this is separate from the upcoming fall cleanup, which begins the following week at the same location.

City crews also assisted Salt Lake County in helping clean up debris throughout the county, employing working hands, dump trucks, chain saws, and generators in needed locations.


High-speed internet options

There are currently two major internet service providers in Herriman, both cable-based, and neither joint-venture with cities. The two ISPs have some fiber internet connections in new Herriman developments, but fiber internet connectivity is not widely available in the city.

The City Council discussed the creation of a task force to take a deeper dive into feasibility and interest for the city, including exploring financial impacts.


Wasatch Hills Master Development Agreement Discussion

Discussion to update the long-existing agreement to make the proposed development process more efficient and up-to-date with City ordinances and State mandates, as well as adding commercial development guidelines.


Construction of the Rodeo Trails system started today. It includes three beginner mountain bike trails. The trail’s development will be conducted all in-house with Herriman City staff. (map)


Meeting video link


More than 40 crisis counselors are ready to answer your call if you are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression because of COVID-19.

To talk to a Utah Strong Recovery Project counselor seven days a week 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., call/text 385-386-2289 or email your first name and phone number to UtahStrong@utah.gov. After hours if you need an immediate response, please contact the Utah statewide Crisis Line at 1-800-273-TALK(8255) or the SAMHSA Distress Hotline at 1-800-985-5990. Video chat and counseling in Spanish and other languages are available.

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