We Are Herriman – Jackie Nostrom

October 2019

The Utah Municipal Clerks Association recently awarded Herriman City Recorder Jackie Nostrom the 2019 Outstanding City Recorder of the year. As a bright, articulate and hardworking City Recorder, Jackie has played a substantial role in the City since taking on the position in 2014. She has worked tirelessly to keep up with the demands of the fast-growing City, and has implemented many time-saving programs. In addition, she educates staff on record retain age, developing more effective policies and procedures, and keeps staff and the City Council informed on state statue and policy.

Jackie has helped the community by instituting the vote-by-mail system in Herriman, and is building the City’s passport office from the ground up, which continues to become increasingly busy. Jackie is often noted working all hours of the night in efforts to ensure the proper posting of agendas and notices, as displayed from her late night/early morning emails. She displays a textbook knowledge of required procedures and state requirements, often stating them from memory, while maintaining a personable, friendly, and professional demeanor.

We Are Herriman – Kerilyn Bernhard

October 2019

Kerilyn Bernhard works for the Herriman Police Department as a Crossing Guard. In the last few weeks of last school year, Kerilyn noticed some particularly challenging hazards at a new crossing location caused primarily by a construction zone nearby. Kerilyn worked proactively with both the school and her supervisors to solve the issue and ensure the children walking in the area were not exposed to construction hazards.

New signs and striping have also been installed to make the crossing safer. Because of her efforts, she was assigned full-time to that crossing, and continues to work with the contractors to ensure that equipment is not operating or obstructing the safe walking route during crossing time. She has even been seen using her own leaf blower to clear the asphalt path along the safe walking route. Kerilyn has been an active advocate for safety and has gone above and beyond her responsibilities to ensure the children walking at her crossing enjoy their walk to school safely!

This kitten was picked up in the area of 13900 S Emmeline Drive Monday. If it belongs to you, call dispatch at 801-840-4000.

This female kitten was picked up in the area of Allores Ct Thursday, and has an injured back leg. She is at the shelter at 10882 S Park Rd, South Jordan.


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