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Herriman City Breaking Ground on New City Hall

The new Herriman City Towne Center Park, Amphitheater, and City Hall are a key step in implementing the community’s vision for the future. In June 2008 a special gathering was held to announce the Herriman Towne Center development that included a location for a new city hall building. There was a lot of excitement in anticipation of the new structure, but for the last 7 years, that location has remained empty, with nothing but a billboard sign referencing the future building. The community continues to ask when this building will come…

After years of preparation and financial planning, city officials are ready to break ground. “The construction held off longer than we had hoped, but in striving to be financially responsible, it was important to wait for the right time, and plan things right,” said Brett Wood, City Manager. On Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 3:30 PM, city leaders will line up and put shovels to the ground, with high hopes that this area will serve as a gathering place for the community as well as stimulate economic growth through its all-inclusive design.

The Towne Center location will include the City Hall building, a 6 acre Towne Center Park with a splash pad, ice track, & history walk, and an amphitheater. The park will be outlined by retail buildings with restaurant and boutique style shopping. Herriman’s New City Hall will anchor the new park and development area by consolidating City activities under one roof, allowing City residents access to their government and permitting City Services to grow as our community expands. The Towne Center Park and amphitheater will provide exciting new opportunities for community sponsored events as well as fun community activities and dining.

“This will be a true gathering place for our community,” said Mayor Freeman. “The concept and design create a convenience for our residents, as well as offer activities and entertainment for people of all ages.”

Herriman City embraces our community. This is their location, their building, their park and we want to assure it is a place they will want to visit due to the convenience of amenities offered.
In addition to providing city services as well as Justice Court, the new building will also house the Unified Police Department’s Herriman Precinct. The City has been talking with Salt Lake County in regards to providing county services on the site as well, and interested retailers are already working with the commercial developer.

Construction will begin late winter/early spring and will continue over the course of two years. It is anticipated that the project will be completed in three phases, the first including the city hall and park, the second will consist of the ice track and the third will finalize the amphitheater. The project will cost an estimated $23 million dollars at completion, but due to astute financial planning, the City will only bond for $15 million. The bond is a sales & franchise tax bond, so there will be no tax increase to our residents.

“We are thrilled to be continuing the vision that Mayor Crane had years ago when he secured this location for city hall. We have worked long and hard on the design and layout to assure the facility and park are an enhancement to the area while keeping with the traditional look and feel that is Herriman City,” said Tami Moody, Director of Communications. “We would like to thank all of our partners on this project as we begin the process of taking it from a concept to reality.”

Ground Breaking Event:

  • Towne Center Location – 5373 W. Main St. (Across from the J.L. Sorenson Rec Center)
  • Tuesday, November 24, 2015
  • 3:30 p.m.
  • Public Invited


  • GSBS, Architectural Design
  • Layton Construction, Developer
  • Momentum, Commercial Development
  • Salt Lake County
  • Unified Police Department


  • www.herriman.org
  • www.facebook.com/herrimancity
23 Oct / 2015

ACUB Status

Due to the high number of questions concerning the City’s ACUB proposal and contract with the Federal Government, the City has prepared a brief memo outlining the process and the current status of the ACUB program within Herriman City.

Click Here to read the memo.

If you were unable to attend the Open House on September 30th, below you will find a copy of the information presented.

Click here to view the Towne Center/City Hall Open House Boards or click on the link below

Towne Center/City Hall Open House Boards

Click here to view the bond explanation that was presented at the Towne Center/City Hall Open House or click on the link below

Bond Explanation Handout


Click here to view the Bond Parameter Presentation or click on the link below

Click here also to view Bond Parameters Presentation

It has come to Herriman City’s (“City”) attention that a group identified as Unlock Our Property Values has produced thirteen videos (“Videos”) about dissolving the High Country II Home Owners Association and/or annexing to the City. The City specifically states that the views, opinions, representations, or positions expressed in the Videos are solely those of the maker of the Videos and do not represent those of the City. Please be informed that the City has not taken a formal position with respect to the dissolution of the High Country II Home Owners Association and/or annexation to the City. Any communications (verbal, written, or otherwise) regarding the same are not authorized by the City nor those of the City. The City will not accept any liability with respect to the Videos or any other unauthorized communications.

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