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21 Nov / 2019

Tami Moody

We Are Herriman – Tami Moody

November 2019

The Utah Public Information Officer Association recently awarded Herriman City PIO Tami Moody the 2019 Team Player of the year. Tami’s creativity and understanding of municipal government made her an invaluable  partner to every department in the City. Her peers are eager to work with her, and welcome her perspective and clear vision of projects that are reviewed and discussed. Her thoughtful approach has brought about some of the biggest improvements in City projects, including the City budget. Tami’s department continues to innovate, and she is the definition of a team player.

21 Nov / 2019

Avery Evans

We Are Herriman – Avery Evans

November 2019

This year we had another great DARE vehicle design competition. This is a favorite aspect of the DARE program because the kids really put a lot of effort towards their best design. As the designs are collected from the kids, they like to point out the little details in hopes that theirs might be selected. Of course, DARE Officer Jake Cutright does not do the selecting to try to “protect the innocent.” However, as over 1,000 designs were collected, Avery Evans’ design continued to stand out. The design was simple but very well done. She did a separate page for the hood design alone, which no one else had done.

All designs were given to HPD’s administration and after some deliberation, Avery’s was the clear and unanimous choice. When Avery’s mom was contacted about her winning, she was pleased but not surprised. Avery was announced the winner in her classroom at Herriman Elementary. The class was excited and Avery handled it with pride and humility.

She was able to ride in the parade during Fort Herriman Towne Days as the design winner. Avery, quiet but confident, came home with the blank design paper, and told her mother that she was going to win. Being the supportive parent, she agreed, but knew Avery faced tough odds. But Avery was right. She not only won, she was a step above. Congratulations, Avery!

To all the fifth graders or future fifth graders, you better start thinking now because Avery has raised the bar!

Congratulations to Samantha Barney who was named Miss Herriman this past weekend; as well as 1st runner-up Paige Welsh and 2nd runner-up Danielle Fisher.

Additionally, a big thank you to everyone who participated in the scholarship competition and those who organize and run the event.

We have received many comments today, Wednesday, November 6, 2019, about the current condition of our water supply. As City, we regularly test our water supply, as does the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy where some of our water comes from. As we’ve tested our water supplies and investigated the current water situation, we’ve learned parts of the city have experienced an increase in Chlorine levels.

What does this mean?
The water supplies typically run at a Chlorine level of 0.4 to 1.4. Tests today have resulted in ranges from 0.7 to 3.1, depending on the area. To put these numbers into context, a 4.0 Chlorine level is the level at which the Division of Drinking Water has set as a standard for all drinking water systems to remain under before further measures must be taken. To ensure we do not reach the 4.0 level in any area of the city, we are continuing to test and monitor all levels and have flushed the system.

As a City, we are confident the measures we are taking will ensure our water continues to remain at a safe level, with the goal of returning to our more typical Chlorine levels as soon as possible.

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