7300 West Closed between 14000-14100 South
7300 West

IMPORTANT NOTICE: A section of 7300 West between 14000 South and 14100 South will be closed for a period of time on Tuesday, December 18, 2018.

Herriman City & South Jordan City Bike Lanes
11800 South/Daybreak Parkway: 6000 West to Grandville Ave 11800 South Bike Lanes

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Cars may no longer park on 11800 South from Herriman High School to Freedom Park Drive after Friday, November 16, 2018. Any cars parked in the signed “No Parking” zone will be ticketed and eventually towed. This shoulder will be converted into a bike lane on Saturday, November 17, eliminating street parking.

Project Description: Utah Transit Authority, in partnership with Herriman City and South Jordan City, will stripe new bike lanes along Daybreak Parkway/11800 South from Grandville Avenue to 6000 West.

The scope of work includes painting a minimum 5′ wide bike lane with associated pavement messaging and signage.

The project is intended to provide complete connections between transit stations and destinations. The project will enhance safety for cyclists, transit riders and pedestrians.

Work Schedule: Construction began on November 2. A second coat of paint will be applied on Saturday, November 17*.
*Work schedule is subject to change, as paint applications are weather dependent.

Project Impacts:

Expected project impacts include:

  • Slow-moving equipment working in the road
  • The Eastbound shoulder will be converted into a bike lane from Herriman High School to Vadania Drive
  • The Westbound shoulder will be converted into a bike lane from Amber Stone Drive to Windstone Drive

Academy Parkway Emergency Construction Academy Parkway Construction

Due to an emergency waterline repair, crews will be working in the right-of-way on Academy Parkway beginning November 1st. The travel pattern will be modified while the work is being done, maintaining open travel lanes in both directions.

The work may last into next few weeks. Customers in the area should not experience any interruption of water service.

Redwood Road (SR-68) & Porter Rockwell Blvd Intersection Reconstruction Redwood/Porter Rockwell

UPDATE (10/31/18):

Crews will be applying the permanent striping to the new roadway surface later this week. Some minor concrete work will also take place adjacent to the road.

Crews have completed the work to reconstruct the intersection, all travel lanes are open. There are now two left turns from northbound Redwood Road onto Porter Rockwell Boulevard. Eastbound Porter Rockwell now has two right turns onto Redwood Road with the left turn onto Redwood Road open.

There will be some intermittent minor lane closures in the coming days as crews work to finish up some minor details.

Stay Informed
Please share this information with anyone who may benefit from it. You can receive weekly updated information about expected impacts during construction. Just send an email and request “Porter Rockwell Updates” to:

Work days are Monday-Saturday 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sunday work may occur as needed.
Work is expected to be completed by Summer of 2019
Schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions and material availability. 

To receive weekly e-mail updates on the project, or for questions or comments, please contact:
Hotline – (800)948.8286
E-mail –
Website –

Autumn Crest Blvd ExtensionAutumnCrestExt

This project is intended to extend the Autumn Crest Blvd from the new high school to the Herriman City boundary (i.e. approximately 13800 South). Riverton City will construct the road from the Herriman City boundary to 13400 South. The design is complete and ready to advertise for bid, however, Right of Way (ROW) has not been acquired. Herriman City Will move forward with contractor procurement once ROW has been secured.

Desert Creek Trail

This project include a new trail along Rose Creek and provides a couple pedestrian crossings over the Creek. Once the project is complete, it will connect existing trail system at The Cove at Herriman Springs and extend the trail to the east end of Desert Creek development (i.e. 6600 West on the north side of the Creek). The project is in the design phase and we anticipate that it will be complete the beginning or spring of 2019.

Butterfield Park Trail/Maintenance Access Road Improvements

There is an existing gravel maintenance access and trail that runs along the east side of the Butterfield Park. This project will pave this access for future park events including the parade and car shows. This project is in the design phase and the construction phase will begin fall of 2018.

6000 West Roadway Widening

The scope of this project will include improvements along 6000 West such as new asphalt, curb and gutter, and sidewalk from Herriman Blvd. to approximately 80 feet short of Grandpere Ave. Once the design is complete and the anticipated funds are acquired, Herriman City will advertise for bids. We anticipate construction will begin this summer and complete before the end of the year.

Herriman Blvd Landscaping and Street Light Improvements 

This project is planned to install landscape and street lights along the south side of Herriman Blvd from Herriman Main Street to 6400 West. This project is in the design phase and we anticipate advertising for bids before summer. Since the budget is not sufficient for the entire project, the contractor will install landscaping and street lights along the boulevard starting on the east end and working west as far as the allotted budget will allow. The remaining part of the project will be completed when additional funds are made available.

11800 South Mill & Overlay 

The roadway along 11800 South between 5600 West and Freedom Park Blvd is deteriorating. This project will mill off the top few inches of asphalt and overlay a new layer of asphalt in its place. This will be done to avoid a costly removal and replacement of all the asphalt if it’s allowed to age beyond disrepair. The project is intended to be complete in the middle of this fall.

Blackridge & Prairie Oaks Structures

The Blackridge Reservoir is in need of a storage facility for the maintenance of the reservoir and the park. Additionally, Herriman City plans to design and construct a new restroom facility for the Prairie Oaks park located at approximately 13900 South 7300 West. This project is intended to be design this spring and installed before the end of fall.

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