I have some dirt or gravel, limbs and other yard waste, may I place or dump it on the side of the road?

No. It is illegal to keep, store, deposit or accumulate dirt, sand, grave, concrete or similar materials on the public right of way. The accumulation of soil, litter, plant trimmings or trash visible from the street or adjoining property is not permitted.

How tall may weeds be, before a property is in violation of City ordinance?

Weeds taller than 6 inches must be cut and all trimmings removed.

May I have a disassembled vehicle, vehicle parts, in my yard?

No. There shall be no parking or storage of inoperable vehicles, or vehicle parts on a premises or in the public right of way.

May I keep garbage in and around my yard?

No. The accumulation of junk, scrap metal, machinery or machinery parts, salvage materials, abandoned, discarded or unused furniture, etc. is prohibited.

I'm having a yard or garage sale, may I tape a sign to a utility pole?

No. Snipe signs are not allowed. All yard or garage sale signs must be free standing, on their own sign post. They cannot be attached to light posts, street sign posts or utility posts.

A vehicle, trailer, boat or R.V. is illegally parked on the street. Whom should I contact?

Please call Unified Police Dept. at 801-743-7000, for all “on street” parking or traffic enforcement.

May I dump my grass clippings over the fence and into the City open space?

No. The dumping of grass clippings or other yard waste into the City open space areas is considered illegal dumping.

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