I have some dirt or gravel, limbs and other yard waste, may I place or dump it on the side of the road?

No. It is illegal to keep, store, deposit or accumulate dirt, sand, grave, concrete or similar materials on the public right of way. The accumulation of soil, litter, plant trimmings or trash visible from the street or adjoining property is not permitted.

When does my lawn or vacant lot become a nuisance?

Weeds are defined by Herriman City Code to be a nuisance if they are more than six (6) inches tall, which applies to all areas that are visible from a public right-of-way or adjoining property, including backyards.

May I have a disassembled vehicle, vehicle parts, in my yard?

No. There shall be no parking or storage of inoperable vehicles, or vehicle parts on a premises or in the public right of way.

May I keep garbage in and around my yard?

No. The accumulation of junk, scrap metal, machinery or machinery parts, salvage materials, abandoned, discarded or unused furniture, etc. is prohibited.

I'm having a yard or garage sale, may I tape a sign to a utility pole?

No. Snipe signs are not allowed. All yard or garage sale signs must be free standing, on their own sign post. They cannot be attached to light posts, street sign posts or utility posts.

Where can I park my camper, boat or trailer?

Because most recreational vehicles (RVs) are larger than the average car or truck, they create additional safety and nuisance concerns in a neighborhood, which is why City Codes specifically address these types of vehicles.

On-street parking of campers, RVs, boats, or trailers of any kind is limited to no more than 12 hours, and only for loading and unloading. City Code prohibits the storage and parking of an RV or boat for more than seven (7) days in the front yard of a home in all residential zones. any vehicle parked in the front yard must not be parked on the lawn or across any part of the sidewalk.

Where can I dispose of my grass clippings/yard waste?

Residents must properly dispose of grass clippings and yard waste in black or green colored dumpsters, which may be obtained from Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling.

It is also illegal to dump or store yard waste on your property as it can create an odor or insect nuisance for adjoining properties. Furthermore, it is illegal to dump yard waste or any other waste on city property, or along creek banks, as this can contaminate stormwater. Illegal dumping is a serious issue that is being enforced by the City. If you feel this is happening in your area, and you are concerned, please call Code Enforcement at (801) 727-0955.

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