City Council Meeting Recap

January 27, 2021 | General Meeting


5-0 closing respective public hearings for:

  • Water impact fee facilities plan and fee analysis
  • Water impact fee enactment
  • Stormwater impact fee facilities plan and fee analysis
  • Stormwater impact fee enactment

5-0 approving the Consent Agenda, which includes the monthly financial summary

5-0 approving a rezone of 5 acres of property at 6477 W Valhalla Circle from FR 2.5 (Forestry Recreational) to A-1 (Agricultural) while maintaining existing hillside overlay zone with the zoning condition of 4 housing units on the property.

5-0 approving a change order request from the Rosecrest Pump Station project. 

3-2 approving the following board and commission appointments:

  • Conference of Mayors: Councilmember Smith
  • Council of Governments: Councilmember Ohrn
  • South Salt Lake Mosquito Abatement District: Councilmember Shields
  • Southwest Mayors Caucus: Councilmember Henderson
  • South Valley Sewer District: Councilmember Smith
  • Utah League of Cities and Towns (ULCT) Legislative Policy Committee (LPC): Councilmembers Henderson, Shields, Ohrn
  • Unified Fire Authority Board: Councilmember Henderson
  • Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District Board: Councilmember Ohrn
  • Western Growth Coalition: Councilmember Shields

Discussion and Presentations

Utah Transit Authority Report

UTA On Demand by Via is a program introduced in 2019 to both help measure ridership need in the southwest Salt Lake Valley area as well as meet riders’ first/last mile needs in relation to UTA rail stations. UTA’s ridership goals were being exceeded in early March 2020. The onset of COVID-19 caused a significant decline in ridership. UTA will extend the pilot program through August 2021 and integrate it with the Transit app.

Graph showing a sharp decline in UTA ridership starting in March 2020


Rosecrest Pump Station change order

The original Rosecrest pump station project was budgeted at $1.4 million in a previously approved budget. However, after a completion of the design process and throughout the engineering process, the cost of the project decreased significantly, to under $700,000. As a result, another needed project, called the J Bryant Miller pump station (planned to be built later with funds from a water bond), has been added to the current project. Both projects need to be completed before May, which is the beginning of the peak water demand season. This change order results in an additional $198,844, but that will include the design, construction, installation, and inspection of both projects.

Off-Highway Vehicle Study and Survey Results

J-U-B Engineering and Y2 Analytics each presented findings from a feasibility study and public opinion study regarding OHV use in the Herriman hillside. J-U-B Engineering discussed steep hillside slopes, fire danger, soil erosion, limited emergency access, limited parking, noise, trail size, access points, user proximity to other hillside users, and other factors. Based on their analysis of issues, J-U-B Engineering does not recommend OHV use be added to permitted land uses in Herriman. The presenter indicated OHV use could be feasible if the City invests in mitigating the concerns. The analysis is based on current conditions.

Y2 Analytics presented findings from their official survey conducted in 2020 with Herriman residents regarding OHVs. In summary, their findings were as follows:

  • Definitely support OHV use in Herriman: 31%
  • Somewhat support: 18%
  • Neither support nor oppose: 18%
  • Somewhat oppose: 14%
  • Definitely oppose: 18%

The City has previously approved an OHV committee, which will use the information from the studies to see how OHVs may or may not fit in Herriman.

Financial Audit

A third-party auditor (Hinton Burdick) presented their findings regarding the annual audit of Herriman City finances, remarking the City’s clean report and audit result. The presenter commended City staff for Herriman’s financial reporting.

Board and Committee Reports

Councilmember Henderson, reporting from the Unified Fire Authority Board, noted that Herriman City separated from the Unified Fire Service Area effective January 2021. Initially, the City was going to create a new taxing district to pay for fire services, but instead combined with the existing Herriman City Safety Enforcement Area. The section indicating the UFSA on residents’ property tax bills will show a reduction of 100%, while the HCSEA will show an increase. This is simply a re-allocation of funds. There is not a tax increase and the City does not anticipate an increase to pay for fire services.

Councilmember Henderson, reporting from the Southwest Mayors Caucus, noted that the group meets with area representatives during this legislative session to help advocate bringing state funding and resources to help the southwestern Salt Lake County region. He also noted the Southwest Visioning Study regarding the six participating cities (Herriman, Riverton, South Jordan, Bluffdale, West Jordan, Copperton) is nearing completion.

Councilmember Ohrn, reporting from the Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling Board, said the board is revisiting the possibility of transitioning from a special service district to a standard district. This would help the entire entity to function more efficiently, saving time and money. This move would require approval from the county as well as a unanimous approval from participating cities.


Work Meeting

Mayor Pro Tempore

In previous years, the Council has appointed a Mayor Pro Tempore to act as a meeting chair in the absence of the mayor. After a discussion, the Council decided to not appoint a standing Mayor Pro Tempore going forward. As a general rule, the Council determined the current month’s designated spokesperson (there is a monthly rotation) may be voted upon to be the given meeting’s Mayor Pro Tempore.

City Manager recruitment discussion

The City Council has hired Robert Half company to lead the way in the recruitment of a new city manager. The Open and Public Meetings Act requires public noticing each time there are three or more city council members are together. Some meetings with the firm will have two or fewer members as the recruitment process happens. The City will provide proper notice at least 24 hours before each meeting that three council members are anticipated to attend.


Meeting agenda, packet, and video


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