Sign up for Text Alerts from Herriman City. Get alerts whenever there is an emergency or evacuations.

What is AlerText?

It’s a mass communication platform, in which residents can opt in to receive text alerts given by City Officials during times of crisis or emergency

How Does is Work?

Simply text the word “Alerts” to 47092. You will then receive a response message letting you know you will receive text alerts given by the city, or you can fill out the sign-up form found on this page.

How Much Does It Cost?

Standard text message rates apply, please check with your phone provider to verify.

Why Should I Sign Up?

Its likely that during a natural disaster or time of emergency, that Phone lines will become jammed or disabled. However text messages may still have the ability to be sent. Keeping a form of communication is vital during emergencies, and its the Cities responsibility to keep its residents informed, so signup with alertext today and stay in the loop.

Reporting an issue to the city is easy with the Herriman City LocalMatters phone app – Click Here – for more information

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