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Due to the recent algae bloom in Utah Lake which supplies the water that fills Blackridge Reservoir, Herriman City has elected to turn off our secondary water system and close Blackridge Reservoir as of 5pm on July 18th. It will remain closed until further notice. THIS IS A PRECAUTIONARY MEASURE. Herriman City treats the water before it enters Blackridge Reservoir which has shown no sign of contaminated water at any time this season. We will continue to test the water after closure to ensure that there are no risks to residents. If you have any questions regarding the shut off, closure, or how to switch your secondary water system back to culinary, please contact city offices at 801-446-5323.

Mission Statement

Herriman City is dedicated to provide courteous and efficient service to the public, preserve community identity, and promote a high quality of life.

Vision Statement

Herriman City will continue to be a place to establish roots, create opportunity, embrace our heritage, protect diversity, and promote economic development. And while preserving the “Herriman Feel” provide a safe and inviting place to live, work, and play.


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